$3.6 Billion to be spent on Brent Spence Bridge overhaul

Chances are you have probably been caught in the backups and delays trying to cross the Brent Spence Bridge into Cincinnati.

Wednesday, President Joe Biden will use the aging bridge as a backdrop to tout his economic plan.

The bridge will be overhauled with revamped roadways, a new companion bridge and improvements to the current bridge. It comes with a $3.6 billion price tag shared between Kentucky and Ohio. The federal government pitched in $1.6 billion, giving the project the green light.

Construction is expected to begin late this year. However, the majority of the project isn’t expected to be completed until 2029.

he overhaul is badly needed.

The bridge was constructed in the 1960s to carry around 80,000 vehicles a day. The bridge is also considered the second-worst truck bottleneck in the nation. More than $700 billion in freight cross it every year.

Source: WKYT